Wiko Wax 4GB

Wiko Wax 4GB

The Wilko Wax comes with a 4.7 inch display. The screen combines two advantages, firstly because he thanked a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and IPS technology is very easy to read even from a steep angle and is on the other so compact that can be easily operated with one hand the smartphone.

In the case of Wilko Wax a Nvidia Tegra processor-4i works. The CPU has four cores and is clocked at 1.7 GHz this. Lent support by the CPU 1024 MB of memory page. Thus, under the used operating system Google Android 4.3 (“Jelly Bean”) is always a brisk pace of work will be expected – even if it get hectic when multitasking. As a drawback, the internal memory should be mentioned. As with most Wilko smartphones is very tight with four GB. Under the rear cover but is a slot for a Micro SD memory card. This allows the capacity up to 32 GB to increase, so can be even larger collections of music or movies are on the move.

In the price range is anything but self-evident when Wilko Wax is support for LTE (Category 3). Up to 100 Mbit / s download and up to 50 Mbit / s upload are possible. Course requirement is an operational area by the fast data transmission is supported. In the wireless network, it is thanks to Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n standard, also with a high data throughput to work. As wireless technology and Bluetooth 4.0 is onboard. Very convincing feature is the camera features of the smartphone. Even the front lens for video calls dissolves with five megapixels. The camera on the back of the housing created pictures in better quality, because it offers an 8-megapixel resolution and photos that are taken in dark ambient light by an LED flash – where possible – free from noise. As usual with Wilko, the camera is equipped with some shooting functions. These include face detection and HDR mode. Video recordings can be also in Full HD, so with 1,920 x 1,080 pixels create.

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