Windows 9 comes with WiFi and Storage Sense

Windows 9 comes with WiFi and Storage Sense

The leaked Windows 9 Technical Preview Build in 9834 confirmed the integration of storage and WiFi Sense Sense functions, which we really know only from the Windows Phone operating system. Especially for tablets and convertibles with little internal memory storage could well be a useful extension Sense. The same applies to WiFi Sense, which can actually be used only in certain applications, but.

The Storage Sense feature in Windows 9 will basically have the same function as in Windows Phone. The installed apps, games and other contents are listed and displayed clearly. So, certain contents can also simply delete if you do not need this, or the memory automatically clean up. The overview can be found in settings where there was a similar function already.

Much more important, and actually the main task of Storage Sense feature is the automatic swapping of music, images and videos on external media. If you have a device in a second partition, or disk, for example, Tablets used in a memory card, so the location can be automated for certain content. All new images arrive then as on the memory card. Especially for latest tablets and convertibles with only 32 or even 16 GB of internal memory, which then sometimes only 10 or 4 GB for the personal data remain a useful function. Perhaps it is then also go so far that you can outsource Windows Store apps and games on the memory card. So far this only works on the internal memory, where the system is installed.

We also know from the Windows Phone WiFi Sense function. This allows easy sharing of your own Internet connection with friends without major adjustments. In addition, there credentials are stored at certain hot spots and can be managed. Meanwhile, some are Windows 8.1 tablets and convertibles equipped with UMTS and LTE modules, or surf via the corresponding drive. So you could just create a hotspot from the system and allow access to it.

The new features of Windows 9 sound really promising in our eyes – especially if the storage sense function is really still extended in the future to apps and games for the Windows Store. The end of September will be Windows 9 presented and offered as a Technical Preview to download. Then we can try out the new Start menu, the multi-desktop and Notification Center.

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