XBMC Android TV

With Android, Google TV had a introduced many new platforms based on android L. But still it will take a few months until the first purchasable devices commercially available, what resourceful developer does not stop experimenting with the platform already. Therefore, it is hardly surprising when XBMC is already running successfully on the Android TV.

With Google TV Google ever tried to gain a foothold in the TV market, which was, however, failed almost miserably due to lack of by manufacturers and a few useful content. With Android TV (the contribution), the Group has clearly shown during the 2014 Google I / O that those responsible and the developers have done their homework. The new platform is no longer just a device but pure software and is a wealth of devices not in the way.

XBMC Android TV

And because it is based on Android L, it is also a very open platform that you can equip with a variety of apps. For example, the media center software XBMC, which will be officially renamed with the upcoming version 14 in Kodi (the contribution). A screenshot of the installed app and how XBMC on an episode of Sherlock is played in 1080p is to show that the developers Android TV device ADT-1 easily get along with the app. It took only a few adjustments in the manifest file that tells a system what goes, what does not and what version of Android an app is intended.

Especially fans of XBMC / Kodi should therefore have one less reason to avoid devices with pre-installed Android TV. After all, one is not necessarily dependent on the surface, but can use his favorite media center on. Only stop directly on the TV or set-top box.

Keyan Mobli developer has said its for the ADT-1 TV with Android TV compiled APK available for download if anyone has even said developer device and XBMC itself even want to undergo a test. The installation of the APK is done in the usual way, via ADB.

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