Xiaomi Laptop

Xiaomi laptop

Rumors that the Chinese company Xiaomi going to enter the market of portable computers, went a long time, but now the network has live images ultrabook marked characteristic orange logo.

There is nothing surprising in the form of goods not – design MacBook Air is still relevant. The keypad is well on an orange button: it writes the source, the user is free to be programmed to perform any function.
As reported, the laptop uses a dual-core processor Intel Core i7-4500U (1,8-3,0 GHz) and 15-inch display resolution Full HD, and the amount of RAM is 16 GB (two modules 8 GB dual-channel mode). It is expected that as the OS will use a version of operating system Linux, modified Xiaomi.

Cost ultrabook Xiaomi in this configuration, according to the source, will be approximately $ 480.

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