Xiaomi Mi TV 3S

Just as planned, Xiaomi yesterday presented its first curved TV, TV called TV Xiaomi Mi 3S and also is SmarTV. My TV 3S xiaomi has a 65 inch screen provided by Samsung itself, a curved screen also has a thickness of 5.9 mm.

The Xiaomi Mi 3S TV sins of being a thin TV, one of the finest in the market. As with other TV brand, the Xiaomi Mi 3S TV has the My TV Bar, a bar that connects to your TV not only to function as TV speakers but also to provide the intelligent touch of televisions. So the Xiaomi Mi 3S TV has 2 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal storage, bluetooth, wifi and 6 speakers.

The Xiaomi Mi 3S TV will have a cheaper version of 43 inches
Xiaomi Mi TV 3S
The new 4K TV can play content at 60 fps, a large reproduction considering the size of the TV and the price will be below $ 1,400. In addition Xiaomi Mi 3S TV will have a reduced version with a 43-inch screen that will cost far less, about $ 275 that will surely make many have a TV of brand Xiaomi. Yet, unfortunately, this Xiaomi Mi TV 3S only be sold at the moment in China, but as happens with many other devices, surely that soon will come to Spain through any online store as is currently the case with phones.

The truth is that having a smart TV for less than $ 300 that can play 4K content is a breakthrough that will make many begin to make the jump to HD, not only users but also many gadgets despite some farsighted and incorporate it. Although the Xiaomi Mi 3S 65-inch TV is very good, personally I prefer the 43-inch TV, an acceptable size will enjoy cheaply do not you think?

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