Xiaomi MIJIA Mini Scooter

We know Xiaomi especially for its smartphones and tablets, some of which are also available in our country thanks to Chinese importers and local distributors, but almost no one knows that the company is a benchmark in other sectors, from home automation to the mobility on two wheels, or bicycles and scooters. One of the latest is the bicycle “smart” I QiCycle, but for a couple of years the brand has a list of “mini-scooter” electric, folding and intelligent. And we refer just to Xiaomi MIJIA Mini Scooter or more commonly called Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter.

Xiaomi MIJIA Mini Scooter

Launched at the end of 2016 in China, this electric scooter is designed for all those who daily make the short road to go to work or show up to an appointment and looking for a handy medium, light and “green” alternative to the moped or to ‘car. In short Xiaomi MIJIA Mini Scooter is the ideal solution for those who want to quickly get around town (even on public transport) and not get stuck in traffic during rush hour.
Not cheap, but TOMTOP has an offer that could make it interesting: EUR 451.19 with free shipping for Italy in 7-20 days, a savings of over EUR 100 off the list price. It is sold only in black color, but we know that the company has planned an all-white.
Xiaomi MIJIA Mini Scooter 2

Xiaomi MIJIA Mini Scooter
Xiaomi MIJIA Mini Scooter is constructed with aircraft aluminum frame, which then makes it lightweight and durable: weighs approximately 12.5kg (less of a bicycle), but can be folded in 3 seconds, making it more compact. It reaches a maximum speed of 25Km / h thanks to its motor 250W of power and has a range of about 30Km (with a load of 75Kg) thanks to the battery 280 Wh (LG 18650). You can use it also in the evening, because fitted with a frontal LED headlamp (1.1W) under the handlebar (cone of light up to 6 meters) and is equipped with an E-ABS system with dual disc brake to ensure maximum safety.

Xiaomi MIJIA Mini Scooter

By integrating a Bluetooth module, you can download the app and dedicated smartphone to match your scooter, to control real-time data (routes, average speed, maximum speed, timing and so on).

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