Xigmatek Shogun G

The manufacturer Xigmatek has announced the launch of the new series of power supplies Shogun G, certified 80 Plus Gold efficiency and available starting in powers of 550, 650 and 750 watts nothing else.

According Xigmatek, the Shogun G series power supplies will be aimed at users looking a power supply warranty and good quality but without scratching your pocket. For this reason, they have “so right” within faculties. For example, no modular wiring, everything is anchored permanently to the power supply, and they are not digital. Moreover, they have all the desirable protections including short circuit, over voltage, under voltage, overload and active PFC.
Shogun G

Xigmatek has used an OEM yet to be determined for the manufacture of this new series Shogun G, j but has said that inside 105 ° C Japanese capacitors are placed highest quality to ensure smooth operation. It also has a power design with a single + 12V rail so that they can serve the latest high-end graphics cards without problems, and as we said are certified 80 Plus Gold efficiency.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that Xigmatek boasts that will be very quiet thanks to the use of a 120 mm fan with double bearing that, according to the manufacturer, emits only 16 dBA of noise. However the operation is permanent, non-hybrid, so always be running, even if it is true that only emit 16 dBA will be almost like having a passive source. Xigmatek moment has not disclosed release date or price of this new series of sources, but views its features will be expected to be relatively inexpensive.

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