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If we think of the largest video streaming portal, we are all come to mind the same: YouTube. Owned by Google, the Mountain View seem to have yielded too much ground in the personal video streaming, which themselves have taken advantage of Twitter and Facebook to gain an important share in this emerging market.

If we talk about Twitter, the application that is succeeding is Periscope. As for Facebook, as we have seen that one of his rivals began to take off with streaming staff, is being tested to enable this option in your application.

YouTube Connect

But Google off the hook of its two biggest competitors remained, with what appears to be finally try to join the race VentureBeat explains. There will be a personal video service streaming YouTube under the name of Connect, thus facilitating live broadcasts to all users who so wish. It is recalled that a few days ago triggered the option of making surveys videos.

This service would have their applications for both iOS and Android, and would be integrated into the YouTube platform. Although so far it is not known too at official level about the features that have this application would be the same that has Periscope or application you use Facebook. One option for comment, a notification system to know when they broadcast are those users that we follow.

The system would be simple, we would connect our account using Google or YouTube to the part of Connect. This app allow us to do live streaming, emissions that would be available in the original application from YouTube. If we, the issue will be stored as a video more, something that takes advantage Periscope, which has a limit of 24 hours. We can also check our live chat and label them to be better found in the search.

Notably, YouTube and allows live broadcasts via YouTube Live, although this is aimed at desktop computers and is still in beta state. Given that almost all social interaction is made with a mobile phone, this is where you come into play YouTube Connect.


So is the market
Periscope leads this market sector, although Meerkat is not far behind. What is certain is that none of the applications currently has a large number of users issuing daily. Although it is gaining more impact since celebrities and politicians use the application to make their live broadcasts.

Facebook Live, meanwhile, is currently undergoing testing in the United States. Connect with YouTube come at an optimal time to compete for the throne in personal streaming with other applications.

Given that the youtubers have begun months ago to make live broadcasts, surely YouTube Connect is an application that won a lot of fame in a very short time and can argue the number one Periscope.

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