Zuk Z2 Pro Snapdragon 820

It is increasingly common to see how those responsible for Chinese brands share images and official information of their upcoming releases, as we saw recently with the first official image of the Meizu Pro 6 before submission now happened something very similar with the new Zuk Z2 Pro, as the head of the firm shared in social networks the first official image of this highly anticipated phone that will come with Snapdragon 820 processor.

ZUK Z2 Pro Snapdragon 820

The fact that the render that have shared reminds us that often distribute OnePlus with their mobile, using a very similar type of image and where in this case the black color is chosen for this render. As you can see one of the major changes in the design resides in the camera, which now occupies a wider at the rear of the terminal space, and does so with an LED flash and what looks like a laser autofocus. The design of this Zuk Z2 Pro based on this render looks rather more sophisticated than the original Zuk and has earned enough in their appeal.

What seems is that the design of this Zuk Z2 Pro will be according to the characteristics of the hardware that will be first-line, led by the processor fashion, Snapdragon 820 riding the Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5 or Xiaomi Mi5

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